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This form’s purpose is to help determine if we would be a great fit to work with each other.

2. I will Reply: via e-mail or through whatever method of contact you prefer and that you will provide the method to by way of the information you give to me on your inquiry form. I will answer any questions you have and resend that information to you along with a suggested video conference set up time where we can meet via your choice of facetime, skype or zoom. The dates and time can be mutually determined.

3. Video Chat: 

We will connect via video-chat about the story session and plan out all of the main details to make sure we coordinate for your themes/stories and that you get all of the images you want.

4. Make it Official: 

Make it Official:  Contact me by clicking my e-mail button to your right and begin typing your questions and asking away. I look forward to hearing from and working with you.


Terrence A. James, Photographer

e-mail: sirre.t.11@hotmail.com

Phone: (585) 530-9630